Spam spam, wonderful ham

I received this hilarious spam at work the other day. When you have to resort to spam to sell railroad tracks you are clearly not in the right business. At first I thought there would be a trojan or something like that embedded in the e-mail and that the body was just filler but I couldn’t find anything suspicious in the mail, well, except for the message itself that is.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ^^

Dear Sir/Madam,


Our company is the direct selling mandates to Burkina Faso Railway Corporation and have in stock up to 1.4 Million Metric Tons of Used Rails (R50-R65) for clearance sale, at very reasonable prices. the available rails are located in five different Rail Yards in the country.

This clearance sale is necessitated by the impending privatization of the Corporation and the need to decongest our rail yards in preparation for the privatization.

Prices are negotiable on FOB, CNF and CIF basis. Site inspection, physical verification and confirmation of product quality and quantity are allowed before signing of contract. Offers are invited from serious end buyers or Agents that has access to serious potential end users/buyers


01 BP 1506 OUAGA 01

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Figures it went through one of microsoft’s services. Only their users could be this .. informed ..