Blogging engines

As you might have experienced if you’ve visited my site recently it has become quite unresponsive. It appears that MySQL doesn’t run very well on the UltraSPARC. I’ve tried increasing it’s memory footprint and put the entire database on a 4-disk SCSI RAID5 but to no avail.

Therefore I’m looking for a blogging engine, preferably similar to WordPress in functionality, that does not depend on MySQL. I’m not sure what database backend would be appropriate but something that is much more lightweight than MySQL should do, like SQLite or Berkley DB. I’d like a system that will handle blogging, content uploads (images, tarballs etc), RSS and preferably something which will allow me to create simple pages where I can place downloads and textual content.

Although static HTML would accomplish all this something along the lines of WordPress with a WYSIWYG editor and what not is preferable.

If you know how to optimize MySQL, if that is even possible, let me know.