Extinct, yes you are!

Resident Evil: ExtinctionI saw Resident Evil: Extinction today. Unlike some other people I know I really did enjoy the first movie in the installment. The acting wasn’t bad for the genre and the story and setting was well developed. Apocalypse, the second one, was a travesty not much unlike most sequels these days. Milla Jovovich made a barely passable job at acting and the story didn’t really encourage anyone to make an effort to begin with. I did not have high expectations when I heard there was going to be a third one.

My first impression was that this was going to be better than Apocalypse and after having watched the entire movie the final decision was that yes, it is slightly better. What put the entire movie down was that it is as if someone took Day of the Dead and cross pollinated it with Land of the Dead only changing minuscule details. Now both of these movies were great in their own way but putting them together and neither adding nor subtracting virtually anything does not make another great movie.

Extinction had potential and it is not as if they did not have the means to have made something more out of it, they simply didn’t do it. If you haven’t seen Day of the Dead and/or Land of the Dead I recommend you see them first. If you have watched every other decent movie in the Zombie genre out there give Extinction a go. It’s watchable and mildly entertaining if you are looking to kill an hour and a half but it will leave you with a feeling of sadness left inside.