Rear axle cleanup

As you might already know I bought an ’88 Camaro IROC last year. Being a moderately old car it of course requires some attention in order to keep it in good shape, that is also one of the reasons I got it since I felt the need for a new hobby. The undercarriage of the car had been sealed pretty well with corrosion protection but there were a few minor spots where rust had gotten a hold and the rear axle was mostly unprotected so I decided that is what I would spend my time on last autumn.

Rear axle, before work

Rear axle, before work (closeup)

The idea was to remove as much of the rust as possible and seal the components to prevent them from future attacks. For that purpose I used a recirculating spot blaster and aluminum silicate blasting abrasive to clean up the worst parts and a steel wire wheel brush fitted on a standard drill to polish the blasted surface. Having never blast cleaned anything in my life it took a while to figure out the proper technique and hence it took me quite some time to clean up the surface but it was a learning experience and I actually enjoyed it.

Sadly the batteries in my camera ran out so I was never able to take any pictures of the polished axle but last week I was finally able to snap a photo of the end result. I’ve been driving the car and apparently have picked up a couple of seed capsules which stuck to the corrosion protection I put on. They account for all the small white spots that you see on the following picture.

Rear axle, after work

My next project will be to convert the air conditioning system from R-12 to R-134a.