My first tumble entry

After realizing that some of the most valuable feeds I track are simple tumblelogs I decided to start my own tumble category. A lot of the time I find that I have stumbled upon a valuable link only to never find it again when I really need it. Now I will at least have a place to collect them, other than my ever growing list of bookmarks, and at the same time be able to share them with the world.

Anarchaia: A tumblelog by Christian Neukirchen is the tumblelog that ignited my love for tumblers. It has a healthy mix of technology, art and poetry and is updated almost daily.

SNES APU on a PC, a project to create an interface between the audio processing unit of a SNES with a PC.

POHMELFS is a new distributed networking filesystem for Linux which is showing remarkable results when compared to NFS or even localized filesystems.

Xpra, Persistent Remote Applications for X, is like screen but for X applications. This is something I think we have all been waiting for a very long time.

Epic take-apart: HP Color LaserJet 2600n, apparently these printers cost less new with fully loaded OEM toners than buying replacement toners does and for that reason people rather buy a new printer than only replace their toners. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories got their hands on one of these throw-aways and decided to take it apart.

Google C++ Style Guide. If you need a good basis for your internal style guide or just some good ideas to expand an existing guide this is a good place to go. I do not agree with all of their rules though. I can also recommend the Ellemtel Telecommunication Systems Laboratories, Programming in C++, Rules and Recommendations, although it is slightly dated.

Bannalia: trivial notes on themes diverse is the personal blog of Joaquín M López Muñoz. A really smart guy doing some awesome stuff with C++ template metaprogramming which I have been enjoying for a couple of weeks now.

C++ FQA Lite, an interesting analysis of the well known C++ FAQ Lite by Marshall Cline.

LGD, since the Atari STe was my first computer Little Green Desktop has held a special place in my heart for a long time. Oh how I miss those old days when computers (as in hardware) were still exciting.

Practical Common Lisp, a free book for the beginner in common Lisp, a language which is far more interesting than the parentheses give light of.

I removed the “deathtrap” category today since that project never really panned out. The only two articles that were related to it have been transferred to the “personal” category.