Tumblelog: 080707

JSVI is a Vi clone written in JavaScript. You can download it here.

Home of the Underdogs is a great place if you are looking for old PC-games. They have plenty of information including screenshots on each entry. If you find yourself bored one day just download DOSBox and give HOTU a visit.

19th Hour by Eric M Gustafson

19th Hour from Eric M. Gustafson’s Antilimit.

Rosetta Stone for Unix if you have been using Unix all your life and now find yourself lost in another implementation of it use the rosetta stone to find your way.

19! = 121645100408831984, a bug in Google Docs spreadsheet.

POSIX Shell Command Language is a good resource if you want to write shell scripts that are POSIX compliant rather than requiring a specific implementation.

What Makes 100% is a mathematical analysis on how a human can give more than 100%.

Weapon Generator (Arms Generator/Buki Generator) will generate various weapons based on a persons name.

Faster than the speed of Light? Can the earth be warned in time if the Sun is collapsing?

Logging Incorrect SSH Passwords, an attempt at tracing what the bad guys are doing. I wouldn’t recommend this on a production server though.

Re: UNIX jokes: Here goes… contains a collection of Unix jokes collected from rec.humor during the summer of ’88.