Unexpected downtime

On the 12th of July I went on vacation for four weeks. Since I planned to be away for the whole time I prepared and scheduled my regular tumblelogs for the whole time so that my site would be updated regularly even though I was away.

What happened instead was that on the very same day that my vacation began my server decided to stop serving requests. Me being some 300 kilometers away and with no means of remotely rebooting the machine had to accept the fact that all of my hard work would go by unread and forgotten.

Once I got back, four weeks later, I discovered that OpenBSD had decided to kernel panic on me. A week or two before I had upgraded from 4.2 to 4.3 and something changed for the worse.
The server has a noise level which could probably compete with a small aircraft and for some time I’ve been meaning to replace a couple of the fans in it. Considering it had already been down for four (long) weeks I thought I’d leave it off and get some good nights sleep until I could remedy the noise situation. It took a little longer than expected but now I have replaced the three 120mm Nidec fans, rated at a whopping 42dBa, with three Noctua fans, rated at an agreeable 8dBa. I should have done this sooner!

The site should hopefully be back to normal now. If OpenBSD decides to act up again I’ll attempt downgrading the kernel to 4.2. If that doesn’t help I will have to track down an RS232 extension cord so I can debug the darn thing.