Tumblelog: 080912

Alternativa3D’s “Bunker” demo using a 3D engine written in Flash. This is pretty impressive. (Obviously requires Flash)

Sin & Cos: The Programmer’s Pals! An article about the use of the sine and cosine functions in game programming.


Teach the Controversy – Intelligently designed t-shirts urging you to show both sides of every story, I want one!

Building a Ray-Tracing 3D Renderer from Scratch Over a Weekend, a log of the progression made during the weekend. Source code included.

Vintage Ads – 10 Funny Reminders Of How Time Change, my favorites are number 8 and 10.

Laser nail and skin scarification appears to be the latest fad in body modifications.

Cpp bignum arithmetic: part I, by using the C preprocessor it is possible to add bignum support using a set of macros.

Tips for designing exception classes should be required reading for all C++ programmers along with Boost’s “Error and Exception Handling“.

CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension one of my coworkers recommended to me. It has some really useful features such as streaming search results from Google like Google Reader does with RSS entries. I would also recommend that you disable favicon loading and instead install the GooglePreview extension.