Tumblelog: 080915

Nicehacks is a directory of open source/free software projects which are a little more interesting than the rest.

Hello, my name is: The annoying Flash Layer Bug, it’s signed by the entire Internet!

From Ice by Hirmes

Ice by Hirmes

The Perfect Hawaii Chair will definately get you in shape thanks to it’s patented Hula motor. Watch as Ellen DeGeneres demonstrates it during her show. (the latter link requires Flash)

PICs in Space, build your own Space Invaders. Details how you can build your own games for the TV at a minimal cost. Includes full schematics and software.

Pending commits is a concept introduced by Andrés G. Aragoneses as a way to allow anyone to commit to subversion without actually having an account with write access to the repository. The commits are placed as pending and the user appointed as maintainer of the affected path will have to moderate the patch. Should prove an interesting concept to free software projects.

Reklamnyie Fishki, clever ads.

The Prime Number Pages is a good resource on everything about prime numbers. I especially recommend the prime number history page.