Tumblelog: 080919

Today is the Day, this is really creepy.

Macintosh on Nintendo DS, Ken Fager managed to install Macintosh System 6 on his Nintendo DS using an emulator.

Principles by Mike Malloy

Principles by Mike Malloy from Mind of Malloy.

MSDN Search Shows Mono Results, I wonder if it is accidental or intentional. Probably the former but you never can know for sure.

Pencil Project is a Firefox extension which allows you to make diagrams and prototype GUIs. It runs on top of Gecko but it is also available as a standalone application.

Nokia haptikos tactile touchscreen details emerge, it’s a touch screen that can raise parts of its surface in order to increase friction. The result being that you can feel which parts of the screen that you can interact with and which parts are only presenting information.

Cinema Redux is a method of compressing an entire movie into one large image. An interesting method that can be used, among other things, as a movie DNA.

A slightly advanced Introduction to Vim, for the everyday user of Vim who hasn’t reached the expert’s level yet.