Tumblelog: 080922

Top Ten worst uses for Windows, PC World takes a look at ten cases of the wrong tool for the job. Clearly some serious pruning needs to be done in the world of IT workers.

worms.c: formatting of complicated conditionals, Kragen Javier Sitaker takes a scheme approach to rewrite an especially ugly passage of code from worms (bsd-games).

Apartment Block by Don Ellis

Apartment Block by Don Ellis

More C++ Idioms is a wikibook aimed at people with an intermediate knowledge in C++ that want to exceed to the next level.

New otto malloc helps spot ancient bugs by moving some allocations to the end of a page. This particular bug was found in yacc(1) and appears to have existed there since 1975.

It’s the End for 3.11!! If you want to buy a copy of Windows 3.11 you better do it before November 1st 2008.

cpu-collection.de has a rather extensive library on CPUs and coprocessors. If you are interested in CPU history or just general information you should pay this site a visit.

old-computers.com is in line with cpu-collection.de but for computers, they complement each other pretty well.

Due to my current work load I don’t have much energy in the evenings. For that reason the tumblelog will only be updated once per week until my schedule clears up a bit.