Tumblelog: 081110

Writing Insecure C, Part 1 helps you navigate the landscape of insecure C code and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Enforcing Code Feature Requirements in C++, Scott Meyers presents us with a couple of handy tools that can help enforce requirements in C++ code.

I Was Fired for Ordering the Cups by Sheern Tami

ISBNdb is a free ISBN database.

HOtMEfSPRIbNG, or “Hatchery Oblivion through Marshy Energy from Snowmelt Powers Rapids Insulated but Not Great“, is a programming language as seen through the eyes of a salmon moving through a system of rivers.

openBVE is a pretty advanced train simulator capable of using content from BVE.

Handy One-Liners for SED, there are a couple of things in here I had no idea that you could do with SED.

Continuous Integration by Martin Fowler is really the place to start when learning about how to use CI.

13 Photographs That Changed the World, 13 photographed that affected the world together with an explanation of what is going on.