Tumblelog: 081117

Piet is a programming language in which programs are expressed as abstract art.

Testing 101 is a very good place to start if you know very little about testing and unit testing and feel you need to learn it, which you should unless you are retarded but the presentation makes that clear.

Well Oiled by Matt Dixon
Well Oiled by Matt Dixon

Testing Private Methods with JUnit and SuiteRunner addresses the issue of testing private methods effectively.

RailsWTF is a tumblelog that aggregates weird Ruby messages.

A Taxonomy for “Bad Code Smells” is a condensed list of code smells grouped into categories and discussed briefly.

CodeCity is a source code visualization tool that presents the source tree as a 3D city.

How to Think About the “new” Operator with Respect to Unit Testing is an excellent introduction to dependency injection and why you need it. Also read How to Write 3v1L, Untestable Code.

Reboot like a racecar with kexec, if you haven’t heard about kexec and you think rebooting your machine takes forever this article is for you.