Tumblelog: 090112

Genetic Programming: Evolution of Mona Lisa, by using genetic programming this guy has been able to reproduce the Mona Lisa using a string of DNA to generate polygons.

ASR 33 Teletype on Wheels, this is an old ASR 33 teletype which could be used with a PDP/8. It is the portable version and has a sound cover which is intended to cancel out noise from the unit.

«Unknown origin»

Commodore BASIC as a Scripting Language for UNIX and Windows – now Open Source, Michael Steil over at pagetable has statically recompiled and modified Commodore’s original BASIC so that it can be used as a scripting language in UNIX and Windows.

StupidFilter, this is a filtering mechanism designed to filter out stupid content from your web experience. Crazy but yet an interesting project.

googlemock, Google has decided to release their mocking framework for C++ in order to accompany googletest.

An Accelerated Introduction to Solaris 10: Part 1, if you are like me and have always been on the receiving end of Solaris, i.e. had a great admin do all the grease work for you, and now have to admin it yourself this introduction is for you.

If programming languages were religions…, what would they be like.

Tesla Downunder, an australian dude obsessed with high voltage.

Antikythera mechanism, a marvel of human history.