Tumblelog: 090119

Atanua is a real-time logic simulator with a beautiful interface. It is available for OSX, Linux/x86 and windows as non-free software.

The Undead Zone, Why realistic graphics make humans look creepy. This article goes on to explain the uncanny valley and what effect it has on us humans.

"Resistance is Futile (If ohms < 1)" «Unknown origin»
"Resistance is Futile (If ohms < 1)" «Unknown origin»

Engine Identification Trivia Game, test your US V8 knowledge.

Whitix is a brand new Unix-based operating system which aims at becoming a more modern operating system.

Home Of The AeroGarden From AeroGrow International, automatic miniature gardens which are controlled electronically in order to provide a perfect environment for whatever you are growing.

2008 Malware Challenge, was a competition held in 2008 where contestants would analyze existing malware in order to figure out what makes them tick.

Source Control HOWTO, a good introduction written by Eric Sink.

Arora, is a cross platform WebKit/Qt based webbrowser.

Microcomputer Sculpture, a sculpture built out of old microwave owens controlled by 8-bit AVR microcontrollers.