Tumblelog: 090126

Doctor Who Scarf, describes the pattern used in the Doctor Who scarf and how it varies during the series.

Apple TV Ads, a list of some ads Apple have produced over the years.

PAVE PAWS Computer Room, 1986
PAVE PAWS Computer Room, 1986

The Powerbook Prank, this is an oldie but goldie where an eBay scammer gets a taste of his own medicine.

Automated Protocol Reverse Engineering, a brief introduction to what tools and methods exist today.

The Sun Also Sets, a great writeup on what happened to OpenStep/Solaris once Sun acquired Lighthouse Design and a great example of the not-invented-here syndrome rearing its ugly head. Sundown continues the story.

Real live 20 year old Unix, instructions and links on how to get a PDP-11 emulator up and running together with a dump of a real 7th Edition Unix.

BitNami, is a package management system for web applications which will automate the process of installing various web based systems in your *AMP setup. It supports a wide range of platforms.

RACHEL PAPO : SERIAL NO. 3817131, photographs of female Israeli soldiers.

protothread, is a protothreads library for Unix systems. The entire implementation is only about 400 lines long and requires the use of GCC.