Tumblelog: 090202

git ready, provides daily git tips.

Seed, a project to bring scripting in the form of JavaScript to the GNOME desktop.

Madeira Archipelago
Madeira Archipelago

µWatch, the world’s first DIY scientific calculator watch.

Circuit Simulator Applet, is a circuit simulator with supports for a lot of components and runs as a Java applet.

iPod Touch Mounted on M110 Sniper Rifle, together with software used to calculate bullet trajectories.

Atari’s 1984 Touch Tablet: A Retro-Unboxing, even though it’s cool I hate it that he unboxed this relic.

Etching overview, this guy etched the entire level map for Super Mario World onto the top of his EeePC.

Rasta Ring 0 Debugger, is a low level debugger for x86 platforms which runs in ring 0 in order to provide the user with full control of the system. Their graphical representation of how it works is interesting.

Rectal Foreign Bodies, a list of things recovered by surgeons from peoples rectums.

Google Sets, enter a couple of items and have google expand your set automatically.