Tumblelog: 090209

Gnat for Macintosh, provides up-to-date GNAT (Ada compiler) binaries for various versions of OSX.

C++ Containers Cheat Sheet, perfect if you need help choosing the correct STL container for your implementation.

 by Ben Goossens
«Unknown» by Ben Goossens

git-prompt, an informative customized shell prompt for Git users.

pushing and pulling, a good and concise explanation of pushing and pulling in Git and what the differences are between operations such as pull and fetch.

Bad usability calendar, a calendar where each month is a usability disaster.

tinypy, is a tiny Python implementation suitable for platforms with constrained memory such as embedded systems.

The Linux Page Cache and pdflush, information on how you can tune the Linux vmm for handling heavy loads.

Why Git is Better than X, compares Git strong features to how its competitors does it.

Jones in the Fast Lane, the classic Sierra game remade in the form of Flash. (requires Flash)

Agile git and the story branch pattern, this is basically how we use Git at work and I highly suggest you try this method if you are new to Git, especially if you are used to centralized version control systems.

The World’s Safest Table Saw, this table saw will detect if a finger is inserted into it and automatically stop the blade in one quarter of a turn. (requires Flash)