Tumblelog: 090216

Hobbit BeBox Prototype on eBay, a former Be Inc. employee sold his Hobbit BeBox Prototype on eBay. This was the early BeBox design based on the AT&T Hobbit CPU and has never been sold commercially.

AOL Stalker, contains a well organized interface to the data leaked in the AOL search data scandal.

Nature's Conceptions - The Gates of Hell
Nature's Conceptions - The Gates of Hell

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, a free eBook on the topic of structure and style in computer programming.

So pointers to members aren’t useless after all? Yet another C++ trick demonstrated by the brilliant “Mr Edd“.

Troy Paiva Photography, beautiful photographs by Troy Paiva.

Amazing Beautiful Picture Made out of Nails, reproduction of the classic portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci done entirely out of nails.

ditaa, a command line utility which converts diagrams done in ASCII into bitmaps.

Adventures in CNC Milling and Updates, these guys bought a CNC machine to mill aluminum and decided that Common LISP was a way better language to program it in than G-code.

Isophone, this is the solution to the ever increasing problem of distractions taking away your attention from an important phone call.

Is it Windows 7 or KDE 4? ZDNet Australia decides to show off KDE 4 as Windows 7 to people in the streets. What did they learn? Nothing!