Tumblelog: 090223

Fotógrafos, a collection of beautiful photographs.

Cuberick: Old Skool Pair Programming, pair programming on a PDP-11. Poor acting but interesting nonetheless.

Lava Tube Cave from Nature Photos
Lava Tube Cave from Nature Photos

The best distros of 2000, Tux Radar has resurrected an article from the first issue of Linux Format magazine which reviews the best distros back in 2000.

Add-Art, a Firefox extension which acts as an ad blocker but instead of simply blocking ads it replaces them with artwork instead.

High Octane Chess, a chess set built out of used engine and transmission parts.

Switch statements in Python, an inventive solution to simulating switch/case statements in Python.

Photos: Inside the Palo Alto Research Center, ever wanted to know what it looks like inside PARC? Now you can!

WikiMatrix, compare different wiki implementations.

Software QA and Testing Resource Center, if you are interested in QA this is a good, although somewhat bland, resource.

Optimizing Code for Speed, a good introduction into the basics of code optimization.