Tumblelog: 090309

Setting up UNIX file systems, a very good article on how Unix filesystems works from what the major directory structures are for to how network volumes should be used.

Magenta Ain’t A Colour, Liz Elliot gives her explanation to why magenta isn’t a real color.

Google Office Pictures by dak
Google Office Pictures by dak

Kindle 2 First Look, your run of the mill teardown of the Kindle 2.

LaTeX-Mk, this project has built a set of makefiles which can be used in almost any LaTeX project in order to simplify document generation.

MyCCM High Integrity, a C component system for highly realiable embedded software.

Rosemarie Fiore – photographs, long exposure photographs taken of various computer games from the 80s.

Retr0Bright, a way to restore the original color to old plastics that has started to turn yellow/brown.

Irradiated giant helicopters and vehicles at Rassorva, Chernobyl (Chornobyl, Чорнобиль ) region, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, some pictures of all the vehicles along with coordinates and a google maps link. Check out the site on google maps, there really are a lot more vehicles there than the photographs reveal.