Tumblelog: 090420

Timeline: 40 years of OS milestones, a look at some of the biggest OS milestones during the last 40 years.

8-bit TV-Computer, a newly designed 8-bit TV-computer which apparently is NES compatible (with a cartridge converter).

Glowing Wheel by Sara Heinrichs
Glowing Wheel by Sara Heinrichs

BeOS Behind the Sinister Dollhouse, if you thought BeOS was dormant waiting for Haiku you were wrong!

Windows 95 almost had floppy insertion detection but the training cost was prohibitive, the title says it all.

Commodore 64 Original Hardware Laptop, Ben Heck has done it again, this time he built a laptop out of a Commodore 64. Me wants!

Art. Lebedev Studio, has made some really cool designs.

Wood Ferrari V12 Engine, yet another engine model project. Sadly this one doesn’t run.

Mercury fountain at the Fundacio’ Joan Miro’, an impressive work of art.