Tumblelog: 090525

Spinning vinyl – an ipod app, an application that uses the accelerometer to simulate a spinning vinyl record.

BeRTOS, a free real-time operating system.

"Chip Dip" by Tara Kalwarski
"Chip Dip" by Tara Kalwarski

Solutions for tracing UNIX applications, if you ever have a bug in an application on your favorite Unix implementation these are some good tips on how you can find it.

CS 61C – Machine Structures, online lectures on machine architectures.

Ubuntu brings advanced Screen features to the masses, an application to simplify configuring GNU Screen on Ubuntu.

moot wins, Time Inc. loses, Time Inc was hacked by 4chan users.

X-Ray Funnies, various video game components x-rayed.

At the Nuclear Power Plant, a visit to a nuclear power plant located in Smolensk. There are lots of links to other interesting things at the bottom such as inflatable missiles designed to fool spy satellites.

Refactor :my => ‘code’, help refactor other peoples code.

Wolfram|Alpha, a computational knowledge engine for searching through Wolfram’s knowledge base.