Tumblelog 090622

CodeLite, yet another open source and cross platform C/C++ IDE.

Tupperware Arcade Controls, arcade controls built into Tupperware boxes along with instructions on how to build your own.

UNIX network analysis, an article on standard UNIX tools for network analysis.

ELPA, is the Emacs Lisp Package Archive, a package manager for emacs.

The Falcon programming language, is a multi paradigm programming language including conecpts such as object orientation and message passing.

Twittjr, a Twitter reader designed for and running on a PCjr.

Uniselector digital clock, a mysterious digital clock from the 1940’s.

Anatomy of Linux process management, yet another developerworks article, this time it’s about the inner workings of Linux processes.

Sumo Paint, a web 2.0 application for painting.