Tumblelog 090706

TTMath, a C++ bignum library implemented solely as templates.

Conficker Eye Chart, visually identify if you have been infected by the Conficker worm by following this link.

New Time Slider features coming up in OpenSolaris 2009.06, similar to Apple’s Time Machine but utilizing the ZFS snapshot feature.

Like Water for Money, is an article about Moniac which is an analog computer from 1949. Cambridge University has a video of it running.

Phil!’s ZSH Prompt,a really nice ZSH prompt.

Dawn of the Personal Computer: From Altair to the IBM PC, a quick rundown of PC history by Maximum PC.

test-dept, is a unit testing framework for C which supports stubbing.

Fifteen Classic PC Design Mistakes, Technologizer has made a great list of the ten worst PC design mistakes.