Tumblelog 090817

Introducing the Warpship, Dr. Richard Obousy demonstrates how a real warpship could be built.

What is Folding and Why Does it Matter?, a good description on what protein folding actually is and if Folding@Home really is useful to science.

Shing Ling Sewing Machine
Shing Ling Sewing Machine

OpenGL Rendering Pipeline, a simple but good description of what the basic OpenGL pipeline looks like.

Idea: The Outlet Wall, an entire wall made out of electrical sockets. It actually looks kind of cool.

Jari Operating System, is a real-time microkernel operating system and provides a POSIX API.

Video for Everybody, is a web implementation that automatically detects the best way of playing back embedded video on a client. It automatically detects HTML5, Flash etc capabilities and does not depend on JavaScript to do so.

AllPinouts, is a wiki listing pinouts for connectors, cables and adapters.

Handbook of hardware pinouts, cables schemes and connectors layouts, even more pinouts.

Readable and Maintainable Bitfields in C, a good blog post from pagetable on how to work with bitfields in a readable way using C.