Tumblelog 090914

Virtual AGC and AGS, emulators for the Apollo Guidance Computer, Abort Guidance System and Launch Vehicle Digital Computer. Several parts of the original code has been released as well.

ATI Stream SDK v2.0, contains AMD’s implementation of OpenCL which was the first publicly released implementation.

"Welcome to Hell" by I've been to Amsterdam
"Welcome to Hell" by I've been to Amsterdam

Penguins, Lizards and Apple’s X Factor: How Famous OS Logos Got Started, like the titles says it’s a history of famous computer logotypes.

The L4.verified Project, a formally verified implementation of the L4 kernel.

Instapaper, instantly create and store a webpage as a paper. There is also an iPhone app so you can read your “papers” offline.

replica 1, build your own Apple 1 replica.

Nokia Schematics!, the owner of this blog found a book at the Shenzhen mobile phone market which contains schematics for numerous well known mobile phones.

Computer Hardware Poster 1.7, if you are a hardware geek this is a must have poster for your bedroom wall.