My very first Linux kernel patch submission

I’ve worked on kernel projects before but today marks the day I submitted a patch myself. I cannot take full or even half credit for it because it is a backport of a driver from Linux 2.6 for Sierra Wireless modems.

Even though that might sound simple it still took me quite a bit of work to get it to work properly due to the subtle changes in the underlying USB stack. I had to struggle quite a bit with some nasty instabilities related to interrupts which in the end turned out to be double frees on 2.4 but not on 2.6

My LKML submission is available at:
The patch is available from my site since apparently GMail botched some of the lines:

Apparently 2.4 only accepts stability and security patches these days so I don’t think it will get merged but if someone ever needs it the work has already been done. We are running it on uClinux 2.4.26 but the patch was made against 2.4.37.