Tumblelog 100712

Electronic Component Coaster Set, coasters for the geeks in all of us. See how many drinks it will take for you to prototype something truly amazing with them.

disassembled household appliances, see the insides of all the regular household appliances.

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Making a Nintendo SNES controller into bluetooth; using an MSI BGP100, as I’ve been a SNES fan for many a year this goes onto this years wish lists.

Eternal September, free NNTP access for everyone! No more talking to tech support who never heard of anything other than http

Starring the Computer, provides us with a comprehensive list of computers showing up in movies along with freeze frames and everything. Help make the site even more complete.

MathOverflow, yet another projekt from the StackOverflow guys, guess what it’s for. Still, it’s a good concept and their system is sound.

Two Teeny Tiny Fonts, are two extremely small but still readable fonts. Sadly only screenshots are provided as of yet.

“Reply-To” Munging Still Considered Harmful. Really., interesting read if you are into SMTP.