Tumblelog 100916

UTF-8 history, provides the correct history of UTF-8 and its creation.

ARM GCC Inline Assembler Cookbook, provides details on how to specify registers etc for the ARM architecture.


BareMetal OS, an operating system for x86-64 written entirely in assembly.

PCD – Process Control Daemon, a process monitoring facility for embedded systems which offers fine grained process control.

Giottto, a state machine for scheduling periodic tasks with hard realtime requirements.

sigslot – C++ Signal/Slot Library, based on Qt sigslot offers a light weight library for implementing events.

RouterStation Pro, is an open hardware platform for building your own router.

Modded Nintendo Lets You Play Mario With Your Eyes, even if your motor skills are impaired.

Wipeout recreated with an RC car and lots of cardboard, when computer games cross over into the real world.

Optimisations of AVR programs using avr-gcc, offers recommendations on how to optimize your AVR code and avoid common performance pitfalls.