Tumblelog 100929

fastdep, a faster (than gcc -MM) C/C++ dependency generator.

HOWTO: Build an RT-application, hard realtime using the Linux real-time preemption patch.

The main control room at ESA's European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt (Photo credit: ESA, 2002)

Eigen, is a linear algebra package for C++ relying on templates to provide syntactic sugar.

The typename Keyword, is used to weed out ambiguity in C++ templated code.

vasm portable and retargetable assembler, supporting many architectures and syntax flavors.

The Atari ST, Part 1, Part 2, a history of the creation of this classic computer.

Stamp-Controlled High Power H-Bridge and H-bridge secrets part 1, good analysis on how H-bridges works and the intricacies involved.

Introduction to NEON on iPhone, a good introduction to assembly and intrinsic NEON programming on the ARM.

Coding for NEON – Part 1: Load and Stores, dive deeper into the world of NEON programming by some useful examples with very good explanations.

strlcpy and strlcat – consistent, safe, string copy and concatenation., improves strncpy and strncat in order to provide more secure implementations.