Tumblelog 101011

Autodependencies with GNU make, leverage the GCC dependency calculation feature to automatically provide you with dependency chains for your makefiles.

Signals and Systems, a Wikibook on engineering signals and systems. This is a good starting place if you, for instance, want to start out in the DSP world.

The World of Programming by Adit Gupta

American and British english differences, understand the differences in these two languages before deciding which one is more suitable for your writing style.

SSE Performance Programming, guides you through the intricacies of SSE programming and the differences between it and AltiVec.

Data alignment: Straighten up and fly right, teaches why and how to properly align data in memory.

Labor of Division (Episode I), division isn’t always as simple for the CPU as one might expect.

Prex, a portable realtime microkernel for embedded systems released under a BSD license.

Stockfish Chess Engine, a very powerful open source chess engine.

Gambit Scheme, a portable implementation of Scheme which allows you to compile Scheme into C-code.

The Computer History Simulation Project, provides a simulator capable of simulation such machines as the DEC PDP-10, IBM System 3 and MITS Altair 3000 among others.