Tumblelog 101025

CLiki, the definitive Common Lisp wiki.

Some AI Koans, from the MIT AI Lab.

Monster in the closet by EPalacios

Royal Precision Electronic Computer LGP-30 Programming Manual, the very same machine mastered by Mel, the worlds greatest programmer.

zzuf, is a deterministic input fuzzer which can be used as a tool to discover bugs in applications.

www.Visual6502.org, provides a visual simulation of a running MOS 6502 at the transistor level using HTML5.

Programming in Emacs Lisp, a complete guide to getting started with programming in Emacs Lisp.

Fuel Injector information & Specifications specs, a comprehensive guide to different types of fuel injectors and their pros and cons.

C++ Exceptions: Pros and Cons, provides an in-depth analysis of the use of exceptions in C++ and why or why not you should use them in your project.

Expressive C++: Why Template Errors Suck and What You Can Do About It, presents several valid techniques for improving error reporting when using templates.