Tumblelog 101122

Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Python, learn algorithms and ADTs in Python by reading this online book.

C++ Templates: The Complete Guide, like the title says it is a complete guide to C++ templates.

Flying Bridge

Dynamic Re-compilation of Binary RISC Code for CISC Architectures, this is the thesis of the venerable Michael Steil on dynamic binary translation.

x86 Instruction Set Reference, 80386 Programmer’s Reference Manual and the X86 Opcode and Instruction Reference, these references are not as cumbersome to open as the offical Intel PDFs.

CUDA, Supercomputing for the Masses: Part 1, a very long running series of articles on nVidia CUDA by Rob Farber.

A Brief Introduction to Rvalue References, C++0x introduces rvalue references and this is an explanation of how they work and why we need to extend references.

OpenFst Library, build finite state transducers using C++ templates.

Hg Init: a Mercurial Tutorial by Joel Spolsky, as he has become a born again DVCS proponent Joel put together this awesome tutorial on mercurial.

PoCC: the Polyhedral Compiler Collection, is a compiler collection implementing the polyhedral model.