Tumblelog 101206

A Guide to Debouncing, an indepth guide on contact bouncing in electronics and different solutions to the problem.

10 Tools To Add Some Spice To Your UNIX Shell Scripts, some useful shell scripting tips like being able to trigger notifications in the desktop environment.

Notice by David Shrigley

Once, Weakly, advanced C++ topics which was once posted weekly.

Silhouette: The Story, of this highly mysterious almost perfect SNES emulator (during a time when the competition was still struggling to run homebrew).

Open64, is a open source compiler originally from SGI based on their MIPSPro compiler.

SGI Developer Books, an archive of different books on subjects relating to developing for different SGI technologies.

Mechanical Keyboard Guide, this is a guide to all the different kinds of computer keyboards that you will find including details on actuation, materials and virtually anything else that goes into defining the quality of the device.

UML Graphical Notation Overview and Reference, provides an excellent online reference for the various UML diagram standards.

Practical File System Design, is a freely available book by one of the developers of the Be File System (BeFS) and explains everything you ever wanted to know about file systems.

Dirty Coding Tricks, pulled off by various desperate game programmers on the virge of product release.