Tumblelog 101220

The Dave Haynie Archives, where he has collected old Commodore documentation on various kinds of Amiga hardware.

Gprof2Dot, is a tool that produces call graph profiles based on data from a plethora of profiling tools.

The Maturity Climb by Virus Comix

A Bit of Physics Humour, or how to measure the height of a tall building by using a barometer.

Linux Compose Key, learn how to effectively write characters that aren’t available on most standard keyboards.

SCIgen – An Automatic CS Paper Generator, generate computer science papers on-the-fly. Would be cooler if you could actually control the subject, nevertheless it’s still an interesting concept.

The V4Z80P, a Z80 laptop. Mucho geeky!

google-perftools, provides profiling tools for multi-threaded C++ applications.