Tumblelog 110216

This is likely to be the last of my tumblelog entries as I recently made the move to microblogging using twitter. This blog will of course remain and I will go on producing classic blog entries. If you have appreciated my tumblelog please follow dholmcom on Twitter.

TAU – Tuning and Analysis Utilities, are a set of tools for profiling and tracing applications written in C/C++, Java, Fortran or Python.

Intel Performance Tuning Utility, yet another tool for profiling code specifically targeting the x86, x86-64 and ia64 architectures based on Intel VTune.

Open Source License Comparison

GHDL, is an open source VHDL simulator.

ROCCC, provides an open source C to VHDL compiler which integrates with Eclipse.

John Kent’s VHDL FPGA Projects, has several good links on FPGAs and is a good starting place if you want to learn more about this particular subject.

Genode, an operating system framework based on the L4 microkernel architecture capable of running a plethora of kernels.

Programming from the Ground Up, is a nice little free book detailing all the basics of programming. Highly recommended for any aspiring software engineer.

Ghosts of Unix Past: a historical search for design patterns, a historical walk through memory design patterns lane.

Introduction to OpenCL, seeing how OpenCL has already picked up a lot of traction already this introduction might be posted a bit late but to the uninitiated it might prove useful.

Throwing Destructors, throwing from a C++ destructor is generally thought of as a big no-no and this article discusses all the issues related to it and suggests a couple of solutions. An interesting read!