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Used primarily as a link dump.

Tumblelog 100614

The Hercules System/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture Emulator, an emulator for the aforementioned systems.

Ubunchu, Ubuntu Manga in English, is a manga about Ubuntu. This is great stuff, check it out,

HP Sauce

DRBD, provides a block device for high availability data clusters.

Digital: A Love Story, become an oldschool cracker and learn the story about Digital along the way.

Fritzing, an open source tool for researchers and hobbyists to create PCBs.

Joe’s Blog: An into to modern OpenGL., a brief but great overview of OpenGL’s inner workings.

Taligent’s Guide to Designing Programs, provides a great object-oriented design system.

Miegakure, is a four dimensional in the works. platformer

Pure C++ Options Classes, how to implement optional arguments using pure C++-

USB Performance Monitor, build a performance monitor using the oh so classic VU meters.

Tumblelog 100506

HOWTO: Run a Virtual Machine at Boot, a guide on how you can set up VMware Fusion to automatically launch virtual machines on bootup without logging in.

iSCSI and ZFS, how to get them to play together on FreeNAS.


muLinux, is a Linux distribution for really old PC computers.

Small Kernel Project, aims to develop a Linux kernel with minimal RAM and system requirements. It is mainly intended to run on x86 machines with less than 5MB of RAM.

Ukelele, is a tool to modify the keyboard layout in MacOS X.

Codezero, is a L4 microkernel with hypervisor support.

BeRTOS, a real time operating system for embedded platforms

Tumblelog 100222

Awesome C64 visual debugger, ICU64 is a visual debugger for the C64 with live code introspection and break and continue style editing.

Playstation 3 Slim Teardown, it’s the usual teardown of expensive hardware I wish I owned.

Being Tired by David Holm
Being Tired by David Holm

The diskette that blew Trixter’s mind, a 25 year old hack to make a floppy bootable on two different platforms without flipping it over.

Lua/C++ interface, a simple yet effective Lua C++ wrapper.

The illustrated guide to recovering lost commits with Git, if you ever accidentally made a mistake with Git and don’t feel like doing all your work over again go here for some help.

Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks, how you should be doing it.

Ragel State Machine Compiler, Ragel is a state machine language which will compile your state machine into a number of different languages making it easier to maintain your machines while still being able to use your favorite language.

google-styleguide, contains among other things a C++ lint tool for the Google C++ guidelines.

25 Microchips That Shook the World, yet another trip down memory lane worth taking.

libcpu, is a portable, drop in, CPU emulator library with support for a growing number of architectures. The backend is LLVM but each CPU has its own frontend.

Tumblelog 100125

Long time no tumble again. The last one was posted in the middle of september last year. My work load has been pretty high again so I will have to go with that excuse. It is still my intention to keep bringing you interesting links but maybe at a slower pace than before depending on external factors.

Logic Analyzer, an open source logic analyzer with a large number of features.

OpenGL ES from the Ground Up, If you are interested in getting started with OpenGL for embedded devices such as the iPhone these are a set of very simple OpenGL ES tutorials.

Pez Dispenser
Pez Dispenser

Fast File Copy – Linux!, How to quickly copy files between two Linux (Unix) machines.

The slam build system, slam is similar in concept to Jam in that it understands C/C++ and calculates dependencies for you but it is simpler in its design and should be easier to get up and running.

Your Hardware Exposed! 22 PC Parts Bare All, Maximum PC takes apart 22 different pieces of PC hardware and show you the internals. If you are interested in how some of the most common components work or at the very least what they look like inside you really should take a peek.

The Xbox Micro, Normally I would refrain from posting Xbox-related links here but this project is pretty impressive as far as hardware hacking goes. Take a look!

How to etch aluminum panel labels/designs with a reusable acid mix, Personally I have far from steady hands (thank god for computers) but it really isn’t that hard to etch really cool panels by yourself.

Zabbix, If you ever wanted to monitor your own network take a look at Zabbix. Most, if not all, of us have heard of Nagios one time or another but Zabbix appears to be a very strong competitor with support for an impressive number of platforms. It’s also surprisingly easy to install.

Adventures in voiding my MacBook Pro’s warranty: Dual Internal SATA Hard Drives, I’m considering if I can afford to invest in an Intel X25-M G2 for my MacBook Pro and if 160GB really would be enough for my needs (I have a couple of virtual machines which tend to eat space) . This guy had a different solution when it came to running out of hardware space in his MacBook Pro.

Tumblelog 090914

Virtual AGC and AGS, emulators for the Apollo Guidance Computer, Abort Guidance System and Launch Vehicle Digital Computer. Several parts of the original code has been released as well.

ATI Stream SDK v2.0, contains AMD’s implementation of OpenCL which was the first publicly released implementation.

"Welcome to Hell" by I've been to Amsterdam
"Welcome to Hell" by I've been to Amsterdam

Penguins, Lizards and Apple’s X Factor: How Famous OS Logos Got Started, like the titles says it’s a history of famous computer logotypes.

The L4.verified Project, a formally verified implementation of the L4 kernel.

Instapaper, instantly create and store a webpage as a paper. There is also an iPhone app so you can read your “papers” offline.

replica 1, build your own Apple 1 replica.

Nokia Schematics!, the owner of this blog found a book at the Shenzhen mobile phone market which contains schematics for numerous well known mobile phones.

Computer Hardware Poster 1.7, if you are a hardware geek this is a must have poster for your bedroom wall.

Tumblelog 090831

HwB, the Hardware Book is yet another collection of pinouts for various connectors and cables. It might come in handy someday if you need to wire some old tech to your shiny new port.

Become a Gmail Ninja, several tips and tricks divided into categories of difficulty on how to use advanced features of GMail.

"The Inertial Navigator Platform" by Tatjana van Vark
"The Inertial Navigator Platform" by Tatjana van Vark

Ksplice Uptrack, never again reboot your Ubuntu machine.

Carnivorous robots eager to eat your pests, are you tired of insects crawling into your home and don’t want to buy a cat? Why not invest in a carnivorous robot instead.

The Matrix Page, a simple introduction to the basics of mathematical matrices.

Taming Friends for Use in Templates, using friends in C++ templates can be tricky. This article describes the pitfalls and how to avoid them., a collection of information on how to tune your C code for maximum performance.

Source Code of Several Atari 7800 Games Released, the original source code to over 15 Atari 7800 games.

Advanced C++ Lessons, a very good online collection of information on advanced aspects of C++ programming.

FreeNOS, an experimental microkernel operating system designed for learning purposes.

Fifteen Classic Game Console Design Mistakes, epic fails in hardware design.

Tumblelog 090817

Introducing the Warpship, Dr. Richard Obousy demonstrates how a real warpship could be built.

What is Folding and Why Does it Matter?, a good description on what protein folding actually is and if Folding@Home really is useful to science.

Shing Ling Sewing Machine
Shing Ling Sewing Machine

OpenGL Rendering Pipeline, a simple but good description of what the basic OpenGL pipeline looks like.

Idea: The Outlet Wall, an entire wall made out of electrical sockets. It actually looks kind of cool.

Jari Operating System, is a real-time microkernel operating system and provides a POSIX API.

Video for Everybody, is a web implementation that automatically detects the best way of playing back embedded video on a client. It automatically detects HTML5, Flash etc capabilities and does not depend on JavaScript to do so.

AllPinouts, is a wiki listing pinouts for connectors, cables and adapters.

Handbook of hardware pinouts, cables schemes and connectors layouts, even more pinouts.

Readable and Maintainable Bitfields in C, a good blog post from pagetable on how to work with bitfields in a readable way using C.

Tumblelog 090706

TTMath, a C++ bignum library implemented solely as templates.

Conficker Eye Chart, visually identify if you have been infected by the Conficker worm by following this link.

New Time Slider features coming up in OpenSolaris 2009.06, similar to Apple’s Time Machine but utilizing the ZFS snapshot feature.

Like Water for Money, is an article about Moniac which is an analog computer from 1949. Cambridge University has a video of it running.

Phil!’s ZSH Prompt,a really nice ZSH prompt.

Dawn of the Personal Computer: From Altair to the IBM PC, a quick rundown of PC history by Maximum PC.

test-dept, is a unit testing framework for C which supports stubbing.

Fifteen Classic PC Design Mistakes, Technologizer has made a great list of the ten worst PC design mistakes.

Tumblelog 090622

CodeLite, yet another open source and cross platform C/C++ IDE.

Tupperware Arcade Controls, arcade controls built into Tupperware boxes along with instructions on how to build your own.

UNIX network analysis, an article on standard UNIX tools for network analysis.

ELPA, is the Emacs Lisp Package Archive, a package manager for emacs.

The Falcon programming language, is a multi paradigm programming language including conecpts such as object orientation and message passing.

Twittjr, a Twitter reader designed for and running on a PCjr.

Uniselector digital clock, a mysterious digital clock from the 1940’s.

Anatomy of Linux process management, yet another developerworks article, this time it’s about the inner workings of Linux processes.

Sumo Paint, a web 2.0 application for painting.

Tumblelog 090608

Ball and chain to force children to study, I highly doubt this product will be big.

From Voodoo to GeForce: The Awesome History of 3D Graphics, a walk down memory lane for those of us who were present in the early days of the graphics card era.

"Abandoned Russian Polar Nuclear Lighthouses"
"Abandoned Russian Polar Nuclear Lighthouses"

teepeedee2, a really fast web server written in LISP.

A few thoughts on the role of software architects, insightful.

AlternativeTo, a community driven site that lists alternatives to applications.

iShoes, because the Segway wasn’t enough.

Code Monkey, a song about being a programmer by Jonathan Coulton.

How do you test a random number generator? Bill the Lizard of Stack Overflow fame gives us a very good rundown on random number generation.

The speed, size and dependability of programming languages, benchmarks run across 33 different programming languages and plotted based on four different characteristics.